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thursday february 3rd
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closing arguements are expected to be heard this morning in the animal cruelty trial for win brothers. they're accussd of setting a puppy on fire in he city.the dog .... known as pheonix ... had to be euthanized because of her injuries. injuries.megan gililland s live from mitchell courthouse with more... on the evidence that has been brought to the attention of the court... good morning patrice,over the pasttfew days, we've seen police surveilance video and heard from multiple witnesses...but yesterday, the focus in this trial questioned ignitable fluids, on the dog co. collar.attorneys for the suspeets travers and tremayne johnson trieddto cast doubt on baltimore police lab testss that showed unknown substances on the collar.the tests didn't show any signs of of common iinitable fluids, like ggsoline or propane... but, prosecutors say tte test doess't actually rule out all the day continued so did testimony. jurors heard from an audible tape from travers, taken in 2009 about aaweek after the may attack on phoenix the
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pitball.travers said he wasn't outside thattday, because he was on community detention that month.a representatvie from the juvenile justice center testified that wasn't true.still, a friend of the brothers says they're innncent... she spoke to us ootside the courthouse... (suspects friend)"i dont have the slightest idea why they were arresttd.. ""i dont think that..that the police could actually identify these two individuals in the videotape. thh videotapeeshe's referring to is police surveillance video. so far in this case... a police detective and a neighbors have testified that the two brothers are the tto men shown on tape... running from the scene. again, closing arguementssare expected to be heard today. it's unclear at this point, if they will send this to jury. live from mitchell couuthouse, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a serial drunk driver will spend 13-years in prison for the hit and run death of a thomas meighan junior pleaded guilty to the crash that killed 20-year old miriam frankl. he also pleaded guilty to another hit
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and run crash that happened three-months earrier in west baltimmre. college students were hurt. meighan was given a nine year suspended sentence in that case. (9:37) "he shoulda got longer time in my opinion. he had a better chance with the courts than he did on the streets with me..." me..." (6:22) "if they'd put him away when he hit us, it wwuldn't have been a problem for this lady to continue her l" life." prior to these cases, meighan had been convicted on nine other drunk driving related offenses. furloughs are coming to an end for maryland state workers. members of the "american federation f state.. county and municipal employees" voted that includes guaranteed act raises.. bonues.. and an end to furloughs.the contract takes effect july 1. if you don't pay your taxes... you could lose your driver's license. it's a proposal that's now part of the governor's budget plan... the measure would let the
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state refuss to issue or renew driver's licenses and registrations for those who owe unpaid.. undisputed taxes. o'maaley believes the threat of holding driver's licensss could help collect an additional 40- million dollars over the next two years.. to help close more than a billion dollar shortfall. but some drivers are putting the brakes on the idea. (ms. lewis) "i mean, i'm an avid tax payer. i pay my taxes. but, for people that may be having financial hardships at the time, then i do think it sucks because i mean what if theyyneed to pay later.." if the law is passed, the adminiitration says people who owe taxes would be given the opportunity to keep their licenses by being placed onna payment plan. 3 it's one of the biggest rivalries in college basketball. ddke versus m. maryland. the blue deeils were in college park llst night. the terps were hhping to avoid tww losses to duke this season. but... duke's kyle singler and nolan smith combined for 43-ppints and the blue devvls roll over maryland 80 to 62.
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the aryland duke game is always the biggeet home game of the year. and what happens after the game is often just as big. after the terps √°upset√° win .... so thii time around, the school and police took a &pdifferent approach just in ca. case. joel d. smith is live in college park with the results of that ... and the game. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) this is where it happend last year. here's what they were trying to avoid... 3& the confrontation with police ended with tear gas and ean bags being shot into the crowd. more than a dozen students were arrested, and four ooficers were suspended after last year's riots. only one officer
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is back on full-duty. so this time around, students were offered a pep rally before the game, and encouraged to be respectful of theer hated rivals. and afterwards, a bon fire was set to attract students there, instead of possible fires of their own. studentt and police say they've learned from last year. &p :44 we of course went over everything that happened last year, and we realized that we need to come out and listen to the community and listen to the students about 200 people milled around watching the bonfire on a lawn in front of the campus' chapel after the game, a far cry from the thousands out on the street last year. so did it really ork? won't know until the terps win one of these games against duke, then head to these school sponsored events. (ad lib) live in college park, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning nnws. ((chat)) 3 ((chat)) 3
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the search is on... for poachers who illegally netted more than 10 tons of rockfiih in the chesapeake bay.a fishing net was first discovered monday nnght... off kent island near the choptank river. officers staked out the site all night... but the poachers never returned. the
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next night... more illegal nets were found in eastern bay. so far... natural resources police have seized more than 60-thousand dollars worth of rockfish. they impact the legal waterman trying to make a living these fish that are taken are added to the monthly quota so the fish being caught now are being subtracted from what a legal person can take... &ptake... the seized fish will be sold at market... or donated to shelters. the drama surrounding charlie sheen keeps coming... we're now hearing the 9-1-1 call... made mommnts before the actor was rushed to the hospital last week. week."i just got a call from the residence of charlie sheen... from a secretary." the call is being released by the los angeles fire it... you hear sheen's neiihbor talking to 9-1-1... after speaking with sheen's secretary on the phone. "apparently, what she's saying
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is he's intoxicatee..and he's saying don't call 9-1-1. she got him on tte phone and he was very, very intoxicated. also, uh, apparently in lot of pain." pain."the two-and-a-half men starr.. who is currently in private rehab... issued a statement saying quote - "i have a lot of work to do."he also thanked his cast members and fans for their suuport. lindsay lohan can't seem to escape the spotlight.the actress... barely out of rehab... is now being accused of theft.a jewelry store owner says he has surveillance video of lohan wearing a 25-hundred- dollar necklace... that was &pstolen from his store.the cop police could search... one of lindsay's associates returned the necklacc. 3 3 american idol was hoping everything was bigger.. including talent.. in texas. and eventhough the judges found some standout stars..
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they still ran into a lot of just really bad auditions. auditions.singing natsim dying inside.. me too.. nobody knows it but me... nobody really needs to know i think. turns out.. the lone star state had a lot of lonely hearts.. that didn't make it to hollywood. hollywood.american idol continues tonight at 8 right here on fox45. coming up on the early edition... they call her the world's oldest woman... but she's not in the guinness book of woold records.juut how old.. one country claims.. this lady is. is. &p((break 1)) she's been called the world's
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oldest person. juana roddiguez shows off her civil registry document.. listing her birthdate as februury 2nd, 1885. juana lives in cuba.. and at a reported 126 years old... she's older than anyone else on earth.. by more than a decade. at 114 years- old.. besse cooper from the united states is officially recognized as the world's oldest person.the guinness they've never heard of juana. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorooogist))
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still to come... fight back. back..ats kick to groin groinlife-saving tough class.23:25:32 he always made it home safe but then for this to happen i'm sorry for this to happen in his own yard aad next.. a mother's plea.. to find her autistic son's killer. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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3 first on fox.. the mother of an autistic man murdered a month out. crime and justice reporter joy lepoll has the emotional interview. interview. ((pkg)) a mother wipes awaa tears ... as her heart sinks with sorrow. one month ago today... annie wilson was celebrating the holidaysswith her son....hezekiah... or hezy. 23:23:49 onn thing he was my
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my kids but because he was special we were just so close although autistic hezy cared for his ailing mother... on january 2nd however their relationship came to a tragic end. 23:25:32 he always made it home safe but then for thiss to happen i'm sorry for ttis to happen in his own yard annie never imagined it would come to this... (stand-up) 23:39:09 mrs wilson says hezy came outside to walk the family dog before alling it a night that's when police suspect that someone droveedown the street firing shots and hezy was hit.(mom) 23:26:51 i just wish someone at least could have seen the car i heard speed away maybe if someone saw the car the police would have some lead person who didn't look right a vehicle that didn't look right we need your helpp a department with no leads to
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follow up on.... facing a family tortured by thh reality of a ruthless criminal. 23:27:18 i just pray to god they catch who ever did it //it's one of the hardest thing i've ever dealt with in my life ;27 for now, annie findd some solace in starring at her christmas tree that hezy decorated. 23:29:27 he &pdid such a beautiful job i told him how proud of him i was that's why it's so hard to take it down 23:29:35in northeast baltimore .... 23:30:24 if anyone knows anything just come forwarddand give us some peace give this family some peacejoy lepola 23:30:33 hezy didn't deserve to die the way he did because he wouldn't hurt a fly fox 45 nnws at ten. 33 the family called america's most wanted hoping the show straight ahead... how much the major wintee storm is costing aarlines. airlines.and later.. he but the american idol judges - think he ii.the voice that got him through to hollywood. ((break 3))
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another massive storm putting a deep freeze on travel...airlines canceling this several carriers waiving fees for people changing flights due to the latest storm.protests in egypt intensifying...that sent the dollar ising today.its considered a safe haven investment during ncertain times..and things are looking uncertain in the just 2 points today.but its up 4 percent so far this parent news corporation launching the firsti-pad only digital newspaper."the daily" will cost 99-cents per week. news corp also more than doubling its profit in the latest quarter.beating estimates.strong ad sales on cable and broaacast television helping drive up the numbers. the private sector adding 187,000 jobs last month.the government releases the big january jobs reeort friday.
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that's business, i'm dennis kneale. coming up... one in 6 women.. will ecome the victim of a violent attack. attack. nats>we show you ways you can fight back. back. 3
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